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Welcome to Splat Productions, LLC web design and SEO! Spring is a coming, are you ready! Most businesses (well, except the ski industry and other cold related things) pick up in the spring. People are excited about the weather and love is in the air, make sure your ready to get the traffic! Contact us to see how we can help get your website seen by the search engines and convert your browsers to buyers.


Splat Productions, LLC is a web design and SEO company located in Nashville, TN and was created in January, 2000 by Michael McCamish and Adam McKeown. Both coming from a marketing and music industry background, they have a unique view on web design, promotion and marketing that you just can't get other places.

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The buzz now adays is all about search engine optimization but do you know what it's all about? Our team has specialized not only creating sites that are search engine optimized, but effectively optimizing existing sites at an affordable rate. If you have a site you love but it's just not working for the search engines there's no reason to start over again, let our team look at your site and show you what can be done to help. Learn more about Splat Production's SEO services now!

Blog! Blog! Blah! Blah!

You need a blog! How many SEO companies have told you this? While a blog is a great thing, no one ever tells anyone how much upkeep it is annd what exactly you really need to do with it. Contact us for the full scoop on what you really need to know about blogs!

Website Design, SEO


New Splat Productions Site

The top news at the moment is that we actually took time to redo our own site. The past few years have been great for us but our site was left untouched. Well, we finally got tired of it and gave it a much needed facelift. Let us know what you think.


New case study coming soon on how we search engine optimized http://www.doggeek.com dog information and dog sitter site and doubled the traffic in 6 months.


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